GROW 2.0

The Perinatal Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the GROW 2.0 software following successful pilots last year.

The new software includes the following features-

  • Fully electronic application
  • Assists risk assessment throughout pregnancy
  • Mother’s app to view growth chart
  • Auto-plots SFH & EFW measurements
  • Identifies slow and accelerated growth
  • Plots twins and calculates twin-twin discordance
  • Automated growth surveillance audit

A short demonstration (6+ min) of the GROW 2.0 software can be found here:
GROW 2.0 Short Demo

A conference presentation (25 min) + Q&A of GROW 2.0 can be accessed here:
GROW 2.0 Demo and Q&A

Please see:

 Documentation for review and IG sign-off:

 Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) documentation:

For any queries, or to register your site for implementation of GROW 2.0, please email